iu-2“The fact is, squire, the moment a man takes to a pipe, he becomes a philosopher. It’s the poor man’s friend; it calms the mind, soothes the temper, and makes a man patient under difficulties. It has made more good men, good husbands, kind masters, indulgent fathers, than any other blessed thing on this universal earth.” “Sam Slick, the clockmaker”



Second Light Pipes is focused on those pipes, many forgotten, that have been part of the history, traditions and everyday life of previous generations.  From mass produced no-names, common brand names and the hand made, they all had a particular significance for their owners.  Memories were made by those around them from a signature aroma associated with places and events, recalled later with a unique fondness.

It’s my opinion that the old briar on many of these pipes is better than what you can get in a new pipe today or, at least, you would be paying much more.  The craftsmanship on many, even the machine made, is very good.  The facts and history you can find on some long ago defunt makers can be quite interesting.  Just a few of the reasons I really like the  old, a.k.a estate pipes.

On occassions, I will get a group or collection of pipes that there will be some I am not interested in or don’t collect. I enjoy getting those old pipes to clean and restore them, it’s relaxing and interesting what you can learn.  I mainly use 99% isopropyl alcohol, Murpheys Oil Soap for cleaning.  Natural oils, microcrystalline wax and plain carnauba wax to finish or, if needed, a standard leather dye is used if a restaining is warranted .  No harsh chemicals aside of the occasional plain Aceatone for stubborn spots of wax or the dreaded varnish.

Thank you for looking around.  I hope to add more content in the near future.

Here’s hoping your pipe racks be full and your tobacco jar even fuller….cropped-attachment-12.jpeg